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  • Ten teachers who have a B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) degree
  • Eleven teachers who have completed the PPTTC (Pre-Primary Teachers Training Course), which is equivalent to Montessori training
  • Three teachers who specialize in language education, such as a Hindi Pandit
  • Three teachers specializing in arts and crafts
  • One teacher with a D.Ed (Diploma in Education), and
  • One Physical Training (PT) teacher.
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All teachers qualifications are recognized by the government of Telangana.

We have deliberately created a structure of small class sizes so that we can have a low student – teacher ratio, i.e. approximately 30 -35 students:1 teacher. This allows for teachers to give each student the necessary attention so that they can identify any learning problems a child may face, and at the same time maintain high standards of discipline.

All of the teachers follow the SJSS motto of “Love, Learn, Serve” and consider it their service to provide the highest quality education to each student, in a loving manner that inculcates learning[/mk_custom_list][/vc_column][/mk_page_section]

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