School Picnic for students in classes 1 to 10

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The day comes once a year, and this year, that day was Saturday 11 of November.The day for the picnic for all students – from class 1 to class 10th. The level of anticipation and excitement in the children was showing clearly on their faces as they arrived. The venue was the Pride Resorts near Ghatkesar, Hyderabad. This is an amusement park with lots of water rides and activities.

The day started with all the children reminded about the ground rules. As we reached the resort, we were greeted by a welcome drink and the kids all started towards the area of play and activities. The younger kids stuck to the children’s park and played till their energies permitted and the  older children were entertained spending most of their time in the swimming pool.

Around 12:30 PM, the children again gathered for the lunch. After relaxing for a while, all the children resumed to their favourite spots and games in the resort.

Weather supported the spirits of these young ones. They were swinging, they were in the pool, some were climbing the trees – their faces were full of smiles all through, indicating each one is enjoying thoroughly.


As per several child psychologists and educationists, it is vital for the growing children to be outdoors for the brain to be stimulated by the streams of sound, light, shapes and colors that outdoor environments offer. And picnics offer a tremendous opportunity for children of all age groups to play together, enhancing team spirit, social interactions, and the ability to resolve conflicts among themselves – all these attributes are crucial as they grow into the real world.

Around 5:00 PM, the class representatives and the teachers again gathered all the respective class students for the return to school. Despite being physically tired by the day’s play, the children were still excited!

All in all it was an amazing experience that left both children and the staff yearning for more days like this.

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