Our Little Song Birds: Singing Competition

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As part of our Children’s Day celebrations, several events and competitions were conducted for students from Class 1 to Class 7. On 19th Nov, in the premises of SJSS, a singing competition was conducted. The performances by the school students in the categories of Solo Singing and Group singing were outstanding! Indicating once again, that there is no dearth for young talent in SJSS — when  provided the conducive environment, they outbeat our expectations.

Students from Class 1 to 7, were divided into three groups: Class 1 to 4 as Groups 1 and 2, who were given the theme of ‘Devotional Songs’, Class 5 to 7 as Group 3 who were given ‘Folk Song’ as the genre. All the performers participated as enthusiastically as ever and the confidence and fervour with which they showcased the talent was praiseworthy. Every participant thoroughly enjoyed the healthy competition. After all, what are the competitions for? Boost self esteem, develop interpersonal skills and promote sportive spirit. Added to these, the singing competition was utterly fun filled.

Group 1

  • Harini – Class 2 – 1st prize
  • Sai Priya – Class 2 – 2nd Prize
  • Samuel – Class 1 – 3rd Prize

  • Group 2

  • Hansika – Class 4 – 1st Prize
  • Chris – Class 4 – 2nd Prize
  • Sai Sahithi – Class 3 – 3rd Prize

  • Group 3

  • Darshan – Class 6 – 1st Prize
  • Akshaya – Class 7 – 2nd Prize
  • Hasini – Class 5 – 3rd Prize

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