Over the last twenty-five years, we are proud to see our former students achieve great success across all fields, and in many countries around the world. SJSS students are successful in careers as doctors, engineers, computer scientists, financial advisors, teachers, nurses, and many more areas! Many of these students didn’t even have a chance at education, let alone the possibility of success at top universities and companies. They were often the children first in their family to get an education! But what is most remarkable is that all of them retain and epitomize the values of humility, sharing, and service even today.
Here is one example of St. Joseph’s Secondary School alumni.

I’m Samuel Thapa, a proud alumnus of St. Joseph’s Secondary School (SJSS). I graduated class ten in the year 2006 after spending my most important twelve years of growing physically, socially, and mentally here.
My parents chose to send me to the best and that has made all the difference.

Alors que les hommes ont appelé les regrets suivants: jamais dit à la viagra en france qu’elle était attrayante; Sexe insuffisamment pratiqué dans la jeunesse; insuffisamment engagé dans le sexe dans la vie inutile.

I’m grateful to all my teachers, right from my kindergarten upto class ten, who helped me discover myself and also taught me the value of life, education, culture, language(s), community and humbleness.
I’m also grateful to our principal Mrs. Gabriel who meticulously prepared us for everything in life, and also maintained school spirit, high standards, diversity, and discipline. I’m filled with gratitude towards my school.
I’m a food consultant and I travel around the world for work.

What keeps me grounded are my roots and my values that were bestowed on me by my school, SJSS. “

“SJSS: This place has given such great persons and memories in my life.

Mrs.Gabriel et al have nurtured me with their love, fun filled co-curriculars, never-boring classes and ever important morals which have made the best out of me. I will be indebted to each and everyone for their love and efforts towards me. Wishing this great school all the best and let the flag fly high!”

Capt (Dr) B Prem Raj Kumar (2010).

Moe van het maken van liefde in de slaapkamer? Dus het is tijd om de “Kamasutra” voor de keuken te beheersen! Dit is de post van seks – de variatie op het onderwerp wanneer de vrouw ligt. Plaats de tafel met een pad, op de tafel gerangschikt, zodat het kussen onder je billen is. Wanneer je man in je gaat, til je je benen omhoog en bracht ze samen. In deze positie is je vagina een strakke ring en omhelst zijn lul strak. Tijdens seks is het punt kort en gescheiden benen. je wordt verminderd, verhoog dan de druk. Trouwens, het is mogelijk om deze seksspositie op de Bank te gebruiken, want dit hoeft uw vriend alleen maar aan de rand van de bank te knielen.

Samuel Thapa, SJSS Alumnus (2006), then and Now

“I completed my 10th from St.Joseph’s Secondary School in the year 2006. Currently I’m working with Amazon as a Program Manager. I wouldn’t have been wherever I am today without SJSS. My principal, Mrs. Beula Gabriel, has been kind enough in providing concession in the school fee and helped me complete my schooling. The quality of education that I received from SJSS has helped me reach heights. If today I’m able to speak to my stakeholders, deliver sessions in various schools etc., is because of the communications skills the school has taught me. All my teachers have been very instrumental in moulding me as who I’m today. It’s not very easy to find teachers as such after one’s schooling life.”

Mounisha Gunde,SJSS Alumnus (2006), then and Now

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